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Food And Herbs Clinic

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Individual One-to-One Lifestyle & Diet MOT

In your session, you'll have a bespoke package tailored just for you to get you back on track and feeling healthy, lighter and ready to take on life again.

This will include shopping lists and nutritious meal suggestions. You'll get a healthy serving of support and advice on your journey back to optimal health.

Not sure what to eat or when to eat it?

Food packets have so many confusing ingredients nowadays with lots of conflicting ideas of what we should and shouldn't do - it's a minefield. I will teach you how to take charge of your diet with a few new guidelines to get you started.

I don't believe in faddy diets, but rather adopting a healthy attitude to food to bring into your daily lifestyle. I like the 80% - 20% rule with nutrition, using food as your medicine. This means do the right things most of the time so your body can cope with a little bit of what you fancy. Life would be no fun otherwise.

Food Can Heal The Body

Healthy food is full of brilliant vitamins and minerals that if used correctly can give the body all it needs to be healthy and well. Food is the best medicine for prevention and cure.

"We are what we eat". Most physical ailments can be alleviated and healed by attending to the liver, spleen and digestion. Nutrition, Detox & Cleansing and Herbs are an integral part of physical, emotional and digestive healing.

Taking Supplements & Herbs

When it comes to herbs and supplements, I will use them with you only when needed to support your success. I like to mainly use organic products to enhance or accelerate the body's natural way of healing.

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