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Detox and Weight Loss

Detox and Weight Loss

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Detoxing your body without having daily bowel movements is like cleaning your kitchen and not emptying the dirty bins, leaving it smelly and very toxic!

Detox properly and most importantly with guidance by using herbs and colonics together.

Do Any of These Apply to You?

Feeling Tired - Sluggish - Bloated - Lack of Energy - Bad Breath - Skin Breakouts - Smelly Gas - Constipated - Sleeping Badly - Overweight - Headaches - Pains - Poor Digestion - Inflammation - Hormone Imbalance - Foggy Head

Why Detox?

With modern lifestyles, always rushing around, eating processed foods and enduring copious amounts of stress - the body often gets full of rubbish and toxins, so in turn stops doing a good job.

This is why we often start to feel 'dis- ease' within our body.

How Often Should I Detox?

Cleansing and detoxing gives your entire body a chance to cope with life's stresses better. It's your chance to press the reset button.

I suggest three times a year. Spring, Summer & Autumn

It also helps you to adopt new healthy habits and assists being mindful of what you eat in the future.

How to Detox?

There are many ways to detox the body, I can guide you through the different options. The main premise is to alleviate the foods and chemicals that irritate the body - digestion especially. Foods that cause excess mucous or that are acidic like sugar, caffeine and wheat etc. are avoided.

Giving the digestion a complete rest is optimal which is why I also advocate vegetable juicing during a detox. This gives the body a chance to recuperate.

If you have not detoxed before, start with my Short & Sweet in a Week to get you going - Click to Detox. This cleanse will also suit more seasoned detoxers.

I also advocate daily cleansing routines and supplements throughout your detox:

Colon Hydrotherapy - dry skin brushing - epsom salt baths - hot & cold showers - castor oil packing - probiotics & herbs for the digestion - drinking 1-2 litres water daily

Why Colonics Whilst Detoxing

If the waste doesn't release from your colon, it starts to penetrate back into your body through your blood and can start making you feel horrible. They're the fastest way to get the rubbish out of your body. Your colon is one the largest waste disposal units in your body - about 5 ft of waste to be specific. Don't do all that hard work and then leave behind toxins!

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