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Colonic Hydrotherapy

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It's safe, easy, and slightly odd, painless, and has endless benefits. Most clients find it energizing - many find it transformative. Feeling lighter and brighter is a common effect.
Imagine deep cleaning your kitchen without emptying your dirty bin. Without a bowel movement everyday, you leave your body smelly and toxic. Ideally you should be having one bowel movement to each meal you eat in a day.

What may cause an unhealthy digestion?

Modern life is filled with things that can negatively affect a healthy bacterial balance in your gut: Stress - Smoking - Unhealthy food choices (too much sugar and processed food) - Caffeine - Alcohol - Wheat - Dairy - Junk Food - Pharmaceuticals (e.g. antibiotics, steroids, the contraceptive pill and HRT) - Environmental pollutants and toxins

Signs of an unhealthy Colon

Diarrhoea - Constipation - Foul smelling stools - Abdominal bloating or pain - Excess gas - Bad breath - Skin problems e.g. dry, spotty or itchy skin

So what is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

An Ancient Egyptian method to cleanse the colon it is safe and sanitary. By using warm purified water combined with gentle and low pressure, it helps to re-educate and re-tone the colon muscle, and also flush out unwanted toxins and faeces from the bowel. There is no danger of bowel perforation.

Your Colonic Treatment

  • Your first session will include a medical and lifestyle consultation. The colonic process will usually be about 30-40 mins. Each session is bespoke to you.

  • Your modesty is kept at all times. You are fully clothed on top and are covered by a towel from your waist down.

  • The sensation of the treatment is one of needing to go to the toilet nothing more, and this comes in waves throughout the session. It is painless.

  • The 'waste' goes straight down a pipe and into the sewage system. It's a closed system with no smell or embarrassment.

  • Your session may include herbal infusions, Iridology, lifestyle and nutrition advice, along with some supplements if needed. Often Probiotics are advised to enhance your healthy gut flora.

  • You will be fine to drive and continue with your day normally after your session.

  • Once you take responsibility for your own health, I will guide and support you all the way.

  • I use completely sanitary, disposable equipment.

How often should I have a Colonic?

I suggest 2 or 3 sessions close together to ensure the entire colon has been thoroughly cleansed - The colon is over 5 ft long. After this, every 3-4 months for general health maintenance - seasonally works best. Buying a colonic package is the most cost effective way.

Still have questions? Feel free to call or email me.

And for more info on Colonics please check out ARCH website

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